Omega+ Probiotic


Biofood OMEGA+ Probiotic. Contains probiotics that create an optimal intestinal balance and promote the general health of dogs. Can improve resistance (after antibiotic treatment), digestion and bowel movements. For all dog breeds.


sunflower oil, salmon oil (30%), sheep fat, probiotics (Bacillus subtilis C3102 3300 mg/l).

Analytical components: - Crude Protein 0.9 %, Crude Fat 98.0 %, Crude Cellulose < 0.3 %, Crude Ash 0.2%, Moisture 0.1%, Nutritional additive: rosemary extract (E-392). Zootechnical additive: Bacillus subtilis C-3102 (DSM 15544 / 4b1820 / gut fl ora stabilizer). Per 1000g. This product contains: Omega-3: 4.2% (m / m), Omega-6: 40.7% (m / m), Omega-9: 31.3% (m / m). Energy value 3,641 kJ/100 g.

Feeding advice:

Dietary advice: 1st Week 5ml a day (=1 teaspoon) per 20kg BW, subsequently 15ml a day (=3 teaspoons) per 20kg BW. Shelf life: see packaging. Store cool and dry (at room temperature). Close well after use. Shake before use. Supplementary animal feed for dogs.

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